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Price permanent makeup removal

The total price for PMU removal is a combination of the number of treatments and the price per treatment.  At Undo, your PMU will be removed faster, safer, and with less treatments compared to the other clinics, as a result of our unique approach to PMU Removal. As a result, the total price for safely removing your PMU will be less, and you will also get rid of your PMU faster!

PMU removal at Undo is the safest option thanks to the combination of our superior laser and the expertise of our skin therapists. Particularly for treatments in the face, like the removal of PMU, this is a very important aspect to the laser treatments.

The PicoWay laser has been scientifically proven to remove PMU ink in the fastest way.  Particularly in combination with the expertise and experience at Undo.

Average number of treatments
The number of treatments needed for the removal of PMU can differ due to factors such as: the colour of the ink, the amount of ink, the type of ink used, the way of setting, depth of the ink and skin color. The total number of treatments needed is on average between 3 and 6 treatments.

We promise you that at Undo, your PMU removal will be removed safely, faster and more complete than anywhere else.

Price permanent makeup removal

The prices below are per treatment. In between each treatment, we recommend a minimum rest period of 6-8 weeks.

We do not treat eyeliner.

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Treatment Price per treatment
Eyebrows € 115
Lipliner € 105
Birthmark (one) € 65 (indicative price)
Freckles whole face € 105 - € 200 (indicative price)
Other Price on request
Eyeliner We do not treat eyeliner