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Laser hair removal price men

Laser hair removal prices for men

Do you suffer from unwanted hair growth or ingrown hairs? Then laser hair removal is the solution for you. Razor bumps and stubble are a thing of the past. Laser hair removal for men ensures smooth, soft and hair-free skin that you no longer have to shave. At Undo we work with a safe and effective laser for both light and dark skin, the Gentle Max Pro.

When considering laser hair removal, many questions are likely to come to mind, including ‘What are the costs?’. The costs for safe and effective laser hair removal for men can be found in the table below.

NB! We do laser hair removal only at our clinics in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

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Prices laser hair removal (men)

The prices in the table opposite are per treatment.

Combination prices

If you want to have several areas treated at the same time, we can draw up a combination price for you. You pay 100% over the largest area and you get a 50% discount on the following areas. The combination price is only valid when all areas are treated during the same session. If you have an area treated in a separate session, the separate treatment price applies. Feel free to contact us for a price quote via

Package: 5 +1 Free!

Would you rather purchase a package? When purchasing a package you pay for 5 treatments and you get 1 treatment free.
A package cannot be paid in installments, afterwards it is not possible to get a refund.

Reimbursement by health insurance

It is possible to have the costs for laser hair removal in the face (partly) reimbursed by your health insurance. Contact your health insurance company for more information. Unfortunately, the costs for laser hair removal on the body are not reimbursed.

Free intake

At Undo, an intake is always free. Get informed about the possibilities for safe and effective laser hair removal.

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Zone (mannen) Prijs per behandeling
Armpits € 75 nu slechts € 30
Full face € 120
Sideburns € 50
Upper lip € 50
Chin € 50
Eyebrows (between and above) € 50
Jawline € 50
Forehead/hairline € 50
Cheecks € 90
Neck front € 90
Ears € 50
Whole legs (incl. feet) € 275
Lower legs € 170
Upper legs € 190
Whole armsr € 170
Forearms € 120
Upper arms € 140
Shoulders € 100
Hands € 50
Feet € 50
Buttocks € 120
Perianal € 50
Neck back € 90
Nipples (all around) € 50
Navel € 50
Stomach € 120
Chest € 120
Whole back € 170
Lower back € 100
Upper back € 120
Combinations (mannen) Price per treatment
Is your combination not listed? Feel free to contact us at
Full face + Neck front € 165
Neck front&back + Cheeks € 180
Whole back + Neck back € 215
Whole back + Shoulders € 220