Undo (previously Laser A) is the centre of expertise for tattoo removal. Contact us directly at:+31(0)85 004 3391

  • Price tattoo removal

    Price tattoo removal

    Vanaf €65,-

    Remove your tattoo in the fastest, safest and most effective way? Then Undo is the right place for you. The combination of our superior laser (PicoWay), the expertise of our experts and a customized treatment ensures you the best treatment for tattoo removal.

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  • Price permanente makeup removal

    Price permanent makeup removal

    Vanaf €65,-

    Remove your permanent makeup quickly, without hair loss and with minimal downtime?At Undo you are at the right address for removing unwanted permanent makeup. The PicoWay laser is the first and only laser that the FDA has found suitable for removing permanent makeup.

    Price permanente make-up verwijderen
  • Price MHP removal

    Price MHP Removal

    Vanaf €105,-

    Remove you MHP safe, with the least number of treatments and minimal downtime. Undo is the right place for you for the removal of unwanted MHP.

    Price MHP removal
  • Price Melasma removal

    Price Melasma removal

    Vanaf €90,-

    PicoWay is the method to safely and effectively remove your Melasma, also for the more tinted skin.

    Price Melasma removal