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Award winning laser

Briefly about the PicoWay laser

The PicoWay is even till this day unsurpassed and has won the award for ‘Best energy treatment of the year’ at the Aesthetics Industry Awards in London last year. The PicoWay is worldwide considered as “ The Golden Standard” for removal of tattoos and pigmentation disorders, such as Melasma.

Of all the picolasers our PicoWay has the shortest pulse length and is therefor the most effective laser in the Netherlands and even in the world.

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The best laser, the PicoWay

At Undo we’re convinced that of the quality of our laser and we are specialized in a custom made treatment. This ensures that we remove your tattoo (or pigment) in the fastest way possible with the most powerful laser in the world.

The best laser, PicoWay laser, has been unsurpassed up till this day and has won the award for “Best energy treatment of the year” at the Aesthetics Industry Awards in London last year. The PicoWay is globally seen as the “ The Golden Standard” for tattoo removal.

Of all picosecond lasers (picolasers), the PicoWay has the shortest pulse length and is therefore the most effective laser in the world. The PicoWay was developed by an American company, Syneron Candela, which is known for the development of high quality laser equipment.

Picosecond vs nanosecond lasers

The PicoWay is based on the latest picosecond technology. This revolutionary technique, operating on the wavelengths 1064nm, 785nm and 532nm, has major advantages over other lasers such as the Q-Switched ND:Yag, Harmony and the Picosure. Older lasers often work based on the slower nanosecond technique. A picosecond is 100 times faster than a nanosecond and is only 1 trillionth of a second. For tattoo removal this ensures that the ink particles will be even smaller so that the body can transport them easier and faster.

With the PicoWay, the average number of treatments for tattoo removal is less than half compared to the nanosecond lasers.

Due to the smaller number of treatments, the total price for tattoo removal has remained the same. The technology is that advanced that the safety and health of the skin are better guaranteed. The PicoWay also has the shortest pulse length (375-450 pps) of all picolasers in the Netherlands and can therefore be called the most effective and safest in the Netherlands.

For all skin types

The PicoWay has 3 different wavelengths and 4 different handpieces, that all work based on the picosecond technique. The PicoWay is the only picolaser that works exclusively based on picoseconds. Other picolasers often partially works on the picosecond technique and in addition all have a longer pulse length. Due to the three different wavelengths and the ultra-short pulse length, all colours of ink and all skin types can be treated. In addition, the PicoWay has holographically fractionated handpieces, the PicoWay Resolve. These handpieces can be used to treat pigment disorders (such as hyperpigmentation, age spots and Melasma, acne scars and wrinkles. These handpieces can also be used as post-treatment during tattoo removal.

De beste laser voor tattoo verwijderen, picowat

The 10 advantages of the PicoWay


Shortest pulse duration of all picolasers in NL
✓ 3 wavelengths based on the picosecond technique
For all skin types and ink colours
✓ No scars
✓ Fastest, safest and most effective method
✓ Holographic fractionated post-treatment
Award winning laser
Scientifically proven results
✓ Minimum downtime

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  • Safety

    All our treatments are performed with the FDA-approved laser. The PicoWay is the only laser in the Netherlands that works entirely on the picosecond technology and also has the shortest pulse length of all picolasers in the world. This extremely short pulse length not only ensures faster results, bus also guarantees the safest treatment.

  • Certified specialists

    At our clinic you’ll always be treated by a HBO-certified skin therapist and/or certified laser specialist. Our skin therapists are all members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (Nederlandse vereniging van Huidtherapeuten, NVH) and are also registered in the Paramedics Quality Register (Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici)

  • Reachable 6 days a week

    We find it extremely important that you are able to reach us quickly even when you are in the period after the treatment. Do you have questions about your treatment? Then you can easily reach us by mail, telephone or by our WhatsApp number.

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