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Tattoo removal at the centre of expertise

Undo is the centre of expertise of 100% specialized in tattoo removal in the Netherlands.

✓ Quickest and safest method
✓ All skin types and ink colors
✓ Proven results
✓ Most advanced laser, PicoWay
✓ Free intake
✓ Certified skin therapists

✓ Exclusive and unique treatment protocol developed by a former researcher at Harvard and TU-Delft.

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Tattoo removal in Amsterdam
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Tattoo removal Rotterdam Wout Weghorst by Undo

Very good laser shop! Think the best. Very nice and pleasant service, highly recommended!

Wout Weghorst
Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal with the best laser

We fulfill your wish to remove a tattoo safe and quick with an exclusive and unique treatment protocol combined with the most advanced equipment.

Undo is the founder of 100% specialized tattoo removal in the Netherlands with the best picolaser of this moment. We are located in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague.

At Undo we’re working exclusively with certified laser specialists and certified skin therapists. Our skin therapists are all members of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapist (Nederlandse Vereniging van Huidtherapeuten, NVH) and are also KP registered. In addition, one of our laser specialists is a member of the PicoWay Innovators Circle; an elite group of medical professionals worldwide, who are the pioneers in tattoo removal.

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Tattoo verwijderen rug
Tattoo weghalen arm after
Tattoo verwijderen Amsterdam

Our method

Our goal is to remove your tattoo quick and safe. We can achieve this goal by using an exclusive treatment protocol developed by a former researcher at Harvard and TU-Delft. In addition, we only work with the best laser of the moment and we’re working with certified skin therapists and certified laser specialists. Removing a tattoo is not only our profession, it is our passion!

✓ Free intake
✓ Exclusive treatment protocol
✓ Proven results (see our before & afters)
✓ Highly satisfied clients (see our reviews)
✓ KP-registered skin therapists
✓ Member of the NVH
✓ Certified laser specialists
✓ Certified skin therapist

Free intake

A lot of questions probably come to your mind when you consider getting your tattoo removed. Frequently asked questions are: How does tattoo removal work? How many treatments are needed? Will the tattoo disappear completely? We offer a free intake to answer all our questions properly and completely. During the intake we’ll assess your tattoo, estimate the number of treatments that may require and inform you about the correct pre- and aftercare.

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How does tattoo removal work?

When getting a tattoo, ink is put into the skin. Our body is shocked by this unknown substance, but because of the large size of the ink particles it is not able to remove it. During the removal of a tattoo with the PicoWay laser, the laser beams are absorbed by the large ink particles of a tattoo, so that the large ink particles break up into smaller ink particles. The ink particles are then so small that they can be discharged through the body.

Number of tattoo removal treatments

Before you start removing a tattoo, it is important to know that each tattoo is unique. This means that each tattoo requires a different treatment plan. We offer a tailor-made treatment to remove your tattoo in the fastest, safest and most effective way. Because each tattoo is unique, during an intake we can only make an estimation of the number treatments that may be required.

Be careful

Make sure you’re well informed about the various possibilities and risks: unfortunately there are many cheap of improper lasers in circulation that supposedly remove tattoos, but only leave scars. Removing a tattoo can be done quickly and safely, but that is only possible with a picosecond laser of which the PicoWay is the most advanced and powerful laser. Undo can proudly say that with our many treatments we never have left scars.

Come to us for a free intake and let be informed well. Also ask for our results to see the proof for yourself!

PicoWay is the best laser of the Netherlands

The best laser for tattoo removal, PicoWay

Of all picolasers, the PicoWay has the shortest puls length and is therefore the best and most effective laser in the Netherlands.

✓ Shortest pulse length of all picolasers
✓ 3 wavelengths
✓ Fractionated aftertreatment
✓ FDA-approved
✓ All skin types and ink colours
Scientifically proven results


Best laser for tattoo removal

The PicoWay laser is till this day unsurpassed and has won the award “Best energy treatment of the year” at the Aesthetics Industry Awards in London last year. The PicoWay is considered worldwide as “The golden standard” for tattoo removal.

Quick and safe

The most common and safest method of tattoo removal is laser therapy. The PicoWay uses the very latest picosecond technology. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second and is therefore 100 times faster compared to the outdated nanosecond technology that the older aser (such as the Q-switched ND-Yag and the Harmony laser) work with. The PicoWay also has the shortest pulse length of all picolasers, making it the most effective and a safe laser in the Netherlands.

The possibilities

The PicoWay is the only laser in the Netherlands that has 3 different wavelengths that all work on the picosecond. Due to different wavelengths, all coloured tattoos can be treated. In addition, the PicoWay has a holographic fractionated handpiece, the PicoWay Resolve. With this handpiece, tattoos where scar tissue has formed during tattooing can be treated to improve the skin structure.

For more information about PicoWay got to: PicoWay laser


Wat mensen over ons zeggen

I am very happy that I came to Undo Amsterdan to have my tattoo lasered.

Everything is always well explained by the skin therapists. They are all very nice people and also very professional. Highly recommended.

Gaby Blaaser
3 years ago via facebook

I had a great experience with Darisa. Super friendly and knowledgeable. She explained everything clearly and made sure to answer any questions before the procedure. I really appreciated her talking me through the procedure since this was my first experience with laser removal.

3 years ago via salonized

Altijd goed bij Undo! Wordt op mijn gemak gesteld tijdens de behandeling. Goed schoon en kundige dames!

8 months ago via salonized

Friendly welcome and during the treatment you are being told what is going to happen. Really nice and helpfull staff.

8 months ago via salonized

Third session went really great! I’m already seen the results and I couldn’t be happier!

1 year ago via salonized

Easy to find, amazing specialist, fun and knowledgeable staff members. My procedure has been explained to me in all the details and the following treatment went smooth and fast.

8 months ago via salonized

Superprofessioneel, vakkundig en fijn. Voelde me helemaal op mijn gemak, alles werd rustig en goed uitgelegd. Heel blij mee!

1 year ago via salonized

Very profesional and kind staff! Answered all my questions patiently and walked me though the process with a smile 🙂 Procedure itself less painful than I imagined

1 year ago via salonized

Very good- clear and great interpersonal skills as well as technical. Super clear explanation of how the treatment works.

1 year ago via salonized

Ik word altijd vriendelijk geholpen, ik kom hier niet alleen om mijn tattoo weg te laten halen maar ook om mijn haren te laseren. Mooie, schone zaak en beveel het iedereen aan om hier te komen; dit komt door de professionaliteit, de lieve meiden die hier werken en uiteraard direct resultaat.

1 year ago via salonized
Before & After

Before and after tattoo removal

Look at the before and after images and be convinced of our expertise in tattoo removal

100% own results.
The images and results are from our own clinic. Often examples are given on websites that come from manufacturer of the laser or so-called stock images used. All images on our website are made in our own clinic, with our own skin therapists/ laser specialists and from our own results.

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Tattoo verwijderen rug
Tattoo weghalen arm after
Tattoo verwijderen Amsterdam
Tattoo removal Den Haag team Undo
Tattoo removal with the best last

10 reasons why Undo is the best clinic for you

✓ Highest quality laser, PicoWay

✓ Picolaser with the shortest pulse of the Netherlands

✓ Quickest, safest and most effective method

✓ Suited for all skintypes and ink colours

✓ No scar tissue or discolouration of pigment

✓ Certified skin therapists and laser specialists

✓ FDA-approved

✓ Holographic fractionated after treatment

✓ Scientifically proven results

✓ High customer satisfaction (see the review page)

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Most common questions

What everybody wants to know about this treatment


When you want to remove a tattoo, you probably have many questions. In addition, the most frequently asked questions listed, but of course we are happy to answer all your questions during the free intake.

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When getting a tattoo, ink is put into the skin. Our body is shocked by this unknown substance but because of the large size of the ink particles it isn’t able to remove it. The skin must therefore ensure in another way that no damage is caused by the unknown substance. The skin does this by encapsulating the ink particles. With this way the ink will form in spheres and don’t damage the skin, but are visible from the outside and will always remain in place.
The most commonly used and safest method to remove a tattoo is through laser therapy. The laser beams are absorbed by the color pigments of a tattoo causing the large ink particles to break into smaller ink particles. These ink particles are so small that the can be discharged through the body. How long it takes for the body to remove the ink particles of one treatment differ per person. On average, this process takes 8 weeks. The results of 1 treatment can therefore only me read after at least 8 weeks.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict how many treatments will be needed to remove a tattoo prior to the process. The speed at which a tattoo can be removed depends on many factors.

Examples of factors that influence the process are:

Color of the tattoo
The PicoWay is able to remove all colors, however one color will go faster than the other color. Dark and red tones are generally easy to remove. Bright colors such as neon graan, light blue and bright yellow require more treatments on average.

Depth of the tattoo
The deeper the tattoo is in the skin, the more treatments will be needed. If it’s a tattoo more in the surface of the kin, it will be easier to remove.

Amount of ink
The amount of ink determines the number of treatments. The more ink has been used during tattooing, the more treatments will be required for tattoo removal.

Quality of the ink
There are many different inks on the market. Each type of ink has its own composition and reacts differently to the laser treatment.

The individual lymphatic system
The ink particles that are pulverized during a laser treatment must be discharged through the lymphatic system in the weeks after the treatment. For some, this process works faster than for others.

Skin type
The lighter the skin, the easier it is to remove a tattoo. The more pigment the skin contains, the more treatments will be needed to remove a tattoo beautifully and without scars. This has to do with the minimal presence of pigment in fair skin while this is strongly present in darker skin types.

In addition to the above factors, there are a number of other factors that influence the speed at which a tattoo can be removed. These are: the presence of scartissue, location of the tattoo, age of the tattoo and health.

On average, the PicoWay requires 5-9 treatments to remove a black tattoo on fair or slightly toned skin. We would like to emphasize that this is only an average number.

With the PicoWay we’re able to completely remove most of the tattoos. We often get tattoos in our clinic that could no langer achieve results with other lasers (such as the Q-Switched ND-Yag, Harmony laser, and the PicoSure), but where we’re still able to completely laser the last haze away. This is partly due to the combination of an ultra short pulse length and the deep penetration of the laser.

With older lasers (such as the Q-switch ND-Yag, Alexandrite, Ruby, Medlite and Harmony laser), scar formation was a common side effect. This is because these laser mainly produces so much heat in the skin that the skin can be damaged to such an extent that scar tissue is created. These older laser treatments can therefore also be classified as a thermal treatment.

The Picoway laser works based on a picosecond (as opposed to a nanosecond or the older lasers). Because the ink particles are now pulverized in such a short time frame, 100 times faster compared to the older lasers (a trillionth of a second), the skin has no chance to heat up. The treatment of the PicoWay can therefore also be classified as an acoustic treatment. There’s now so much less heat in the skin, so that the skin has less chances to be damaged. As a result, scar tissue and or discoloration in the pigmentation no longer occur and with the PicoWay we can safely treat all skin types, even the darkest skin.

Keep in mind that scar tissue sometimes already has arise during the tattooing process. You can usually see/feel this. You’ll feel a thickness or you’ll see whiter parts in your tattoo. We’ll inspect with you during the intake whether there is scar tissue in your tattoo. If you have scar tissue in you tattoo, we can additionally treat the tattoo with the PicoWay Resolve. During this after treatment, small holes are made in the skin with the use of a fractionated laser, which also improves the skin structure.

During a treatment large ink particle that cannot be discharged through the body, will be pulverized into small ink particles. After a laser treatment, the body is then able to remove the pulverized small ink particles. This means that when you just had the treatment, the same amount of ink is still present in the skin. However, the ink has been made so small that the body itself is able to dispose of it in the weeks after the treatment.

The drainage is done through the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system works relatively slowly, which means that it takes an average of 8 weeks between treatments. However this treatment interval can vary per person due to the individual immune system.

The PicoWay is the first laser that can be applied to any skin type. With the combination of our laser and the expertise of our laser specialist and skin therapists, you don’t have to worry about discoloration in the pigment of scars.

However, removing a tattoo on dark skin will require more treatments than a tattoo on fair skin. This can be explained by the fact that the dark skin contains more natural pigments and have to be treated lower.

Our PicoWay has 3 different wavelengths. This allows us to treat all colors except white. White ink contains no pigment, so white cannot be removed with any laser. In addition, white ink can contain a certain type of metal that can oxidize during a laser treatment. The white ink of the tattoo can then turn darker. This should then be removed with further treatments. In very rare cases, whit ink can be very stubborn and sometimes remain visible for a long time.

We do not treat during pregnancy and/ or breastfeeding. During this period, the hormone balance has changed. This can lead to how unpredictable treatments can be.

That is no problem, we even see many tattoos where no results could be achieved elsewhere and where we are still able to laser the whole tattoo away.

An IPL laser is not suitable for removing tattoos. Unfortunately, this is often offered in the Netherlands. In addition to the act that with an IPL laser, more than 20 treatments will be required to remove a tattoo, an IPL laser can cause serious damage to tattooed skin. If you are treated with an IPL laser, we advise you to stop immediately.

We remove permanent make-up almost every day. The PicoWay laser is the first laser approved by the FDA in America for its removal. For more information on removing permanent make-up, click here.

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