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PMU removal at the specialist in the Netherlands

Do you wish to remove your permanent makeup safely and quickly? Then Undo is the right place for you!

✓ Best laser in the Netherlands
✓ Vast experience in PMU removal
✓ Safe, fast and effective
✓ Suitable for all skin types
✓ No hair loss
✓ Certified skin therapists

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Romy Boomsma PMU removal

Really very happy doing this process with you!

Romy Boomsma
PMU removal

Permanent makeup removal with the best laser

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo technique that is used for tattooing eyebrows, lip liner, freckles or a mole. Undo has specialized in removing permanent make up with the PicoWay laser for many years, and is highly knowledgeable on the best settings to use, and also how to minimize the risks involved.  The ultra-short pulse duration of the PicoWay laser has the advantage that there is no heat development during the treatment. This makes permanent makeup removal at Undo with the PicoWay the safest and fastest option in the Netherlands. Why exactly is the PicoWay the “best” laser for PMU removal?

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How we work

It is often thought that eyebrows that are set with permanent makeup are temporary and that these disappear naturally over the years. However, in practice it appears that the ink never completely disappears from itself. If you want to get rid of you permanent makeup, then a laser treatment offers a solution. At Undo we are specialised in removal of old or incorrectly applied permanent makeup

✓ Free intake
✓ No hair loss
✓ On average 2-5 treatments
KP registered
✓ Certified laser specialists
✓ Certified skin therapists
Member of the NVH

Free intake

Are you considering removing your permanent makeup? Then quickly make an appointment for a free intake. This free intake gives you more insight into the number of treatments required, our expectation of the end result and the pre- and aftercare instructions.

How does permanent makeup removal work with a laser?

During the application of permanent makeup, colour pigments are introduced into the skin, or ink. The ink particles are too large to be discharged through the body and are therefore encapsulated in the skin. This allows permanent makeup, just like a tattoo, to remain visible forever. The ink particles are pulverized by absorbing the high energy in the the laser beam, where the ink particles become so small that the body is able to remove these in the weeks after the laser treatment.

How many laser treatments do I need?

For permanent makeup removal, on average 2-5 treatments are required. The precise number of laser treatments can never be precisely predicted prior to the process. This is because different variables play a role in the speed with which permanent makeup can be removed. Examples of this are: ink colour, depth of the ink, skin type and the individual immune system. The number of laser treatments can therefore vary greatly per person.


The colour ink that has been used plays an important role in permanent makeup removal. Permanent makeup pigments with dark undertones (such as black and gray) are generally easier to remove than permanent makeup pigments with red undertones (or brown). Red pigments can first start to oxidize during a treatment, so that the permanent makeup will turn darker. This dark colour will fade again during further treatments.

Be careful

Unfortunately, since permanent makeup is located in the face, you need to take extra good care of finding a knowledgeable clinic. Many clinics use the wrong kind of laser or are not aware of the risks involved. We therefore recommend that you always do good research by whom and which laser you are being treated. In addition, we regularly come across clients who have tried to remove the permanent makeup by means of tattooing with a certain acid. This acid dissolves the ink (in part), but we see that this often results in small scars.

Book a free intake and be well informed. Also ask for our proven results to see the proof yourself!

About our laser

PicoWay, fastest method for permanent makeup removal

The PicoWay laser is the best method for permanent makeup removal. The superiority of the PicoWay laser has proven itself scientifically in recent years. Last year the PicoWay even won the award for best laser at the Aesthetics Industry Awards in Londen.

With 375-450 picoseconds, the PicoWay is the pico laser with an extremely short pulse duration. The PicoWay even has the shortest pulse duration of all picolasers and is therefore the most effective laser in the Netherlands.

Fast and safe

A laser treatment is the most used and effective method for removing permanent makeup. The PicoWay removes permanent makeup, thanks to the latest picosecond technology, through an acoustic treatment. This means that there is no heat development in the skin so there is no pigment shift, scar tissue or permanent hair loss with PMU removal with the PicoWay.

The possibilities

The PicoWay laser works with four different wavelengths, all working on the basis of the picosecond technique. All ink colors can be treated as a result. The PicoWay is the only picolaser in the Netherlands where all wavelengths are active on the basis of this picosecond technique, as other picolasers often work only partly on the basis of this new technique (and often partly on the basis of the old technique). The PicoWay also has the shortest pulse duration of all picolaser in all the available wavelengths and is therefore the most effective for every colour of PMU!

After treatment

The PicoWay has four different hand pieces, including the PicoWay Resolve. These are holographically fractionated handpieces (532nm & 1064nm) that improve the skin structure. These handpieces can be used as a post-treatment for tattooing or permanent makeup removal, especially if permanent makeup has caused scar tissue to be too deep (by tattooing)


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The service was absolutely amazing, very clean and super professional.

2 weeks ago via salonized

Technician was super nice and accommodated all my requests. Thank you!

2 weeks ago via salonized

People working at this salon are always so nice, professional and expert in the subject. Every time I leave I have a great feeling. 😉

2 weeks ago via salonized

Ik ben erg tevreden over het resultaat bij Undo. De pijn valt me ontzettend mee en ik word altijd vriendelijk geholpen. De tattoo is daarnaast nu ook bijna weg.

Donny Roelvink
3 years ago via facebook

Heel fijn geholpen! De uitleg was helder, de eerste behandeling ging snel en de specialiste was aardig en behulpzaam.

2 weeks ago via salonized
Tania is heel vriendelijk en professioneel. Ze heeft me ontzettend goed geholpen en behandeld. Tot over 8 weken 🙂
3 weeks ago via salonized

Heel erg tevreden over mijn behandelingen. Ik word vriendelijk en vakkundige geholpen, en mijn tatoeages worden een stuk lichter. Een zichtbare verandering!

1 month ago via salonized

Bij UNDO word ik heel fijn geholpen bij het laten laseren van mijn tatoeages. De kliniek is mooi en er wordt professioneel en hygiënisch gewerkt. Ik kom graag terug voor de verdere behandelingen en ben benieuwd naar het eindresultaat.

1 month ago via google

Undo your tattoo is een ontzettend fijne kliniek om daar jou tattoo te laten verwijderen. Iedereen is behulpzaam en vriendelijk! Ze leggen alles goed en detailed uit en bij elke afspraak weer opnieuw. Super service en kwaliteit.

3 months ago via google

Ik ben hier al twee keer geweest. Echt een super fijne ervaring. Sophia legt alles heel duidelijk uit en neemt je ook echt mee in het proces. Ik kan deze kliniek zeker aanraden.

3 months ago via facebook
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Permanent makeup removal

10 reasons why Undo is the best option for you for PMU removal

✓ Fast, safe and effective
✓ Picolaser with the shortest pulse duration in the Netherlands
✓ Suitable for all skin types
✓ No hair loss
✓ Eyebrows do not need to be shaved
✓ Minimum recovery period
✓ FDA approved
✓ Holographic fractionated after treatment
✓ Scientifically proven results
✓ High customer satisfaction (see our customer reviews)

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Yes! I want to remove my permanent makeup! What does this cost and what is your method?

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Most common questions

What everyone wants to know about this treatment

PMU Removal? When you consider removing your permanent makeup, such as your eyebrows, lip liner, freckles or mole, you get stuck with many questions. We have listed the most frequently asked questions on the right. We are happy to answer other questions during a free consultation.

When applying a permanent makeup, dye (pigment) is introduced into the skin. Our body is shocked by this unknown substance, but because of the size of the ink particles it is unable to dispose of it. The skin must therefore ensure in another way that it is not damaged by the unknown substance. The skin does this by encapsulating the ink particles. The inktparticals arise that do no damage to the skin, are visible from the outside and will always remain.

The most used and safest method for PMU removal is by laser treatment. The laser beams are absorbed by the color pigments of the permanent makeup, causing the large ink particles to break into smaller ink particles. These ink particles are so small that they can be drained through the body. How long it takes the body to remove the ink particles from a treatment can vary per person. On average, this process takes 8 weeks. The result of a treatment can therefore really only be assessed at least after eight weeks.

On average we need 2-5 treatments to remove permanent makeup. Exactly how many treatments are needed to remove permanent makeup cannot be predicted prior to the process. The speed with which permanent makeup can be removed depends on many different factors. Examples of factors that influence the process are:

Color of the permanent makeup
The color used plays an important role in permanent makeup removal. Permanent makeup pigments with dark undertones (such as black and gray) are generally easier to remove than permanent makeup pigments with red undertones (brown). Red pigments can first start to oxidize during a treatment, so that the permanent makeup will turn darker. This dark color will then be blurred with the following treatments.

Depth of the permanent makeup pigments
The deeper the permanent makeup is set, the more treatments will be needed. If it concerns shallow permanent makeup, then it will be easier to remove.

Quantity of ink
The amount of ink is very important for the number of treatments. The more ink that has been used while applying the permanent makeup, the more treatments will be needed to remove the permanent makeup.

Quality of the ink
There are many different types of ink on the market. Each ink type has its own composition and reacts differently to the laser treatment.

The individual lymphatic system
The ink particles that are pulverized during a laser treatment must be discharged through the lymph system in the weeks following the treatment. With one person this process works faster than with the other.

Skin type
The lighter the skin, the easier it is to remove permanent makeup. The more pigment the skin contains, the more treatments it will need to be able to remove permanent makeup nicely and without scars. This has to do with the minimal presence of pigment in white skin, whereas it is strongly present in dark skin.

In addition to the above factors, there are a number of factors that influence the speed at which a tattoo can be removed. These are: the presence of scar tissue, location of the permanent makeup, age of the permanent makeup and other health.

On average we need 2-5 treatments to remove permanent makeup. We emphasize strongly that this number is only an average

With the PicoWay we are able to remove most of the permanent makeup completely. In our clinic we often get permanent makeup cases, such as eyebrows, which could no longer achieve results with other lasers, but where we are still able to completely laser the last haze away. This is partly due to the combination of an ultra short pulse duration and the deep penetration of the laser.

With the older lasers (such as the Q-switch ND-YAG, Alexandrite, Ruby, Medlite and Harmony laser), scarring was a common side effect. This is mainly because these lasers produce so much heat in the skin that the skin can be damaged and scar tissue is created. You can therefore classify these older laser treatments as a thermal treatment.

The PicoWay laser works on the basis of a picosecond (as opposed to a nanosecond of the older lasers). Because the ink particles are now pulverized in such a short period of time, 100 times faster compared to the older lasers (one trillionth of a second), the skin no longer has a chance to warm up. You can therefore classify the treatment of the PicoWay as an acoustic treatment. There is now so much less heat in the skin, so that the skin is no longer damaged. As a result, scar tissue and / or pigment shifts no longer occur and with the PicoWay we can safely treat all skin types, even the darkest skin.

Bear in mind that scar tissue may sometimes have already formed during the application of a permanent makeup. You can usually see or feel this. You will feel a thickening or you will see whiter parts in your permanent makeup. We will assess whether there is scar tissue in your permanent makeup during the intake. If there is scar tissue in your permanent makeup, we can additionally treat permanent makeup with the PicoWay Resolve. During this post-treatment, small holes are made in the skin by means of a fractionated laser that improves the skin structure.

During a treatment, large ink particles that cannot be discharged through the body are pulverized into small ink particles. After a laser treatment, the body is then able to dispose of the crushed small ink particles. This means that when you have just received treatment, the same amount of ink is still present in the skin. However, the ink is now made so small that the body itself is able to dispose of it in the weeks following the treatment.

The removal is done through the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system works relatively slowly, which means that an average of 6-8 weeks must be kept between the treatments. However, this treatment interval may vary per person due to the individual lymphatic system.

The PicoWay is the first laser that can be safely applied to all skin types. With the combination of our laser and the expertise of our laser specialists and skin therapists you don’t have to be afraid of permanent pigment shifts or scars.

However, PMU removal with darker skin will require more treatments than with white skin. This can be explained by the fact that dark skin contains more natural pigments and the intensity of the treatments will have to be lower.

No, our skin therapists and laser specialists can remove your permanent makeup eyebrows without removing the hairs. The PicoWay laser is the first laser approved by the FDA in America for the removal of permanent makeup. Older lasers (Q-Switched Nd-YAG, Ruby, Alexandrite) often caused permanent hair loss due to the thermal reaction in the skin. The PicoWay works on the basis of an acoustic reaction, so there is almost no heat development in the skin, which means that permanent hair loss no longer occurs.

Older lasers regularly cause permanent hair loss due to the thermal reaction in the skin. The PicoWay works on the basis of an acoustic reaction, so there is almost no heat development in the skin anymore. Because of this, the FDA has found the PicoWay suitable for the safe removal of permanent makeup, without the side effect of permanent hair loss.

That is not a problem at all. We even see many permanent makeup cases in our clinic where results could no longer be achieved elsewhere. We are then almost always able to completely remove the last haze.

An IPL laser is not suitable for removing tattoos or PMU removal. Unfortunately, this is often offered in the Netherlands, usually through promotions or groupon. Because of the cheap price, an IPL treatment may sound attractive. In this case, however, cheap is expensive. In addition to the fact that more than 20 treatments will be needed with an IPL laser to remove a tattoo or permanent makeup, an IPL laser can cause serious damage to tattooed skin. If you have already been treated with an IPL laser, we strongly advise you to stop immediately.

We recommend a minimum recovery period of 3 months after the last treatment.

The skin is much more sensitive to the sun after a treatment and therefore needs extra care. Sun protection is an important part of aftercare to prevent pigmentation of the area. It is also important to be as “white” as possible during the treatment process, during this period it is important to use good sun protection.

The day of treatment
We advise to not wear any makeup on the day of treatment. If you would like this, we recommend Lycogel. In addition to a covering effect, this product stimulates the healing process.

The day after the treatment
Due to the ultra-short picosecond technique of the PicoWay, there is minimal downtime after the treatment. In most cases, the skin is already recovered the next day and you can simply wear makeup again. However, the ink particles that were made smaller during the treatment will still be discharged in the 6-8 weeks after the treatment. This also means that the end result of the treatment is only visible after 6-8 weeks.