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Gentle Max Pro

The Gentle Max Pro in brief

The Gentle Max Pro is the golden standard for laser hair removal worldwide. At Undo we work exclusively with the best laser equipment and specialize through our exclusive treatment protocols. Our expertise in combination with the most powerful hair removal laser of the moment ensures that hair and hair follicles are destroyed in the fastest and safest way. This results in smooth, hair-free skin without stubble and/or bumps.


The Gentle Max Pro laser is a combination of two powerful lasers: Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm. This combination allows both light and dark skin to be treated safely and effectively.

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The best laser, Gentle Max Pro

At Undo we are convinced of the quality of our lasers and we have specialized in tailor-made treatment. This ensures that we can treat you in a safe and effective manner with the desired result.

That is why we work with the most powerful laser for laser hair removal, the Gentle Max Pro Laser.

For all skin types

In the past, laser hair removal was only for light skin types, fortunately this is now a thing of the past. The Gentle Max Pro laser can be used safely and effectively on all skin types, both light and dark skin. The laser has a 2-in-1 laser system, which is a combination of two powerful lasers: Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm. The Alexandrite laser 755 nm can be used on all light skin types (classification according to Fitzpatrick skin types 1 to 3) and the Nd:YAG 1064nm on all dark skin types (classification according to Fitzpatrick skin types 4 to 6). This allows us to achieve the desired results and still treat it safely.

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Gentle Max Pro

The 10 advantages of the Gentle Max Pro

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✓ Safe and effective laser hair removal
✓ Proven results
✓ Free intake
✓ All skin types, light and dark skin
✓ Most advanced and most powerful laser, Gentle Max Pro
✓ Certified skin therapists
✓ Exclusive and unique treatment protocol developed by a former researcher at Harvard and TU Delft
✓ FDA approved
✓ Honest information
✓ Personal guidance during pre- and aftercare

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  • Safe

    All our treatments are performed with the FDA-approved Gentle Max Pro. This is the most powerful laser for all skin types, both light and dark skin. We use an extensive intake to prevent risks and keep extensive files to achieve optimal results.

  • Recognized specialists

    You will always be treated in our clinic by a HBO-certified skin therapist and/or certified laser specialist. Our skin therapists are all members of the NVH (Dutch Association of Skin Therapists) and are also registered in the Quality Register for Paramedics (KP register). Due to our specialization in laser hair removal, our colleagues have a high level of knowledge that they are happy to share during the free intake.

  • Available 7 days a week

    We think it is extremely important to be able to assist you quickly, even in the period after treatment. Do you have questions about your treatment? Then you can easily reach us by email, telephone or via our WhatsApp number.

How much do laser hair removal treatments cost?

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