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About the Undo team

A group of driven experts with a mission

Our Vision

The most advanced equipment, 100% expertise and personalized treatment

Undo’s vision is to offer customized treatments with the most advanced equipment and only by experienced experts. Central is a personal client approach, honest information and a realistic image and treatment plan.

✓ Highest quality laser
KP-registered skin therapists
✓ Personalized treatment
100% customer satisfaction
Member of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (Nederlandse vereniging van Huidtherapeuten, NVH)
✓ FDA-approved lasers
✓ Certified laser specialist
✓ Free intake

Highest quality lasers

With us you are assured of the most advanced laser equipment. The PicoWay was developed by Syneron Candela, an American company, and is known for its high quality and reliability. The PicoWay is an FDA approved laser and has many proven scientifically based results.

Last year the PicoWay won the award for ‘Best energy treatment of the year’ at the Aesthetic Industry Awards.

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Qualified and competent

Our certified skin therapists are KP-registered and member of the Dutch Association of Skin Therapists (Nederlandse vereniging van Huidtherapeuten, NVH). In addition, we work with a certified laser specialist who is a member of the official PicoWay Innovators Circle, an elite group of medical professionals worldwide who are among the pioneers in tattoo removal.

Our method

Free intake

When considering a laser treatment, it is good to be well informed prior to the process. You are more than welcome to join us for a free intake interview. After an intake interview you can be treated immediately, but this is not obligatory. During the intake the skin therapist or laser specialist will assess your skin (and tattoo) and discuss the treatment options with you. In addition, during this interview a price will be set up and an estimate will be made for the number of treatments needed. The skin therapist / laser specialist will also carefully go through the pre- and aftercare, so that the correct care is also applied at home. After this extensive intake you know what to expect.

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Customer satisfaction

We stand for achieving high customer satisfaction and a personal approach. By means of a custom made treatment plan, we make sure, together with you, that we get the most out of the laser treatment. Our goal is achieved the moment you walk out our door and we know that we have done everything in our power for the most effective and safe laser treatment.

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Our team

A group of driven experts with a mission

I do want to get rid of my tattoo, but what does it cost and which route do I have to take?

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