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Which treatments do we offer?

Undo offers several treatment options such as: tattoo removal, Permanent makeup removal, MHP removal, acne scars, age spots and Melasma.

✓ Highest quality laser, PicoWay
✓ FDA-approved
✓ Certified skin therapists
✓ Certified laserspecialist
✓ KP-registered
✓ Member of the NVH

  • Treatment

    Tattoo removal

    Vanaf €65,-

    Tattoo removal in the fastest, safest and most effective way? Then you are at the right place at Undo. The combination of our superior laser (PicoWay), the expertise of our experts and tailor-made treatment ensures the best treatment for tattoo removal.

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    Kosten tattoo verwijderen
  • Treatment

    Laser hair removal

    Vanaf €30,-

    We use the powerful Gentle Max Pro laser for the laser hair removal treatment. This is an advanced dual wavelength laser. This allows us to safely treat both light and dark skin types and efficiently remove even the thinnest hairs.

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  • Treatment

    Permanent makeup removal

    Vanaf €115,-

    Remove your permanent makeup quickly, without hair loss and with minimal downtime. At Undo you are at the right address for removing unwanted permanent makeup. The PicoWay laser is the first and only laser that the FDA has found suitable for removing permanent makeup.

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  • Treatment

    MHP removal

    Vanaf €150,-

    Undo removes your micro hair pigmentation safe, with the least number of treatments and minimal downtime.

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  • Treatment

    Melasma removal

    Vanaf €150,-

    The PicoWay is the method to safely and effectively remove your Melasma, also for darker skin types.

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    Melasma behandeling
  • Treatment

    PicoGlow Laser Treatment

    Vanaf €150,-

    The PicoGlow Laser Treatment is a laser treatment that provides firming, smooth and radiant skin.

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