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De prijs aan het vergelijken voor permante make up verwijderen
Price MHP removal

Price MHP removal

Comparing prices for MHP removal? Then take into account the number of treatments and the effect per treatment.

Removing micro hair pigmentation, or MHP, with the PicoWay will be a lot faster and contain less treatments compared to the older lasers. The total price for the safe removal of MHP with the PicoWay will therefore be cheaper, there are a lot less treatments needed. Besides that you will also get rid of your MHP lot faster!

Safe and fast recovery
Removing MHP with the PicoWay is the most secure option. Scar tissue or hair loss is a thing of the past thanks to the combination of our superior laser and the expertise of our skin therapists. In addition, the recovery time with our laser is minimal, which means that you can resume your normal activities the next day.

Every MHP is unique
When removing MHP, take into account the number of necessary treatments and the effect per treatment. The number of treatments depends on the laser used and its settings. In addition, the number of treatments per person differs due to factors such as: the amount of ink, the ink used, the way of setting, depth of the MHP, skin colour and the undertone of the MHP.

Average number of treatments
The total price for the removal of MHP depends on the number of treatments needed, on average between 2 and 5 treatments. The total price with the PicoWay laser will not be more expensive than with older lasers like the Q-switched. The PicoWay is faster and safer and removes your tattoo more complete.

Price MHP removal

Price MHP removal

The prices below are per treatment. In between each treatment, we recommend a minimum rest period of 6-8 weeks.

Number of zones Price per treatment
1 zone € 105
2 zones € 200
3 zones € 275
4 zones € 325
5 zones € 450