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For new clients: please select “Intake + Optional treatment”
The intake is free of charge and we offer the possibility to do a treatment right after the intake, but this is (of course) not mandatory.

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  • Free intake

    We offer a free intake to convince you of the Undo results and to inform you with all the information you need when you want to remove a tattoo, permanent makeup, micro hair pigmentation,

  • Safe

    We only offer treatment with a FDA-approved laser, the PicoWay. The PicoWay is the only laser in the Netherlands that works completely on the picosecond technology. Out of all the pico lasers, the PicoWay has the shortest puls duration. Because of this ultra short puls we not only have faster result, but we also ensure the safest treatment out there.

  • Real experts

    All our treatments will be performed by real experts with a degree in Skin Therapy and/or our certified laser specialist. All  skin therapists are a member of the NVH (a dutch industry association for skin therapists) and are registered in a quality register for paramedics (KP-register). Our laser specialist is also a member of the official PicoWay Innovator’s Circle, an elite group of medical professionals world wide.