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14.11.22 - PERS

Monica Geuze is removing her tattoo, but which one?

Monica Geuze is having her tattoos removed, but which ones? Monica Geuze and Kaj Gorgels chat about this in their latest podcast. Monica says she would prefer to remove all her tattoos, but she will start with two. We will guide her through this process and take you along with us.

Decals and body stamps

The removal of Monica Geuze’s tattoos is discussed in the latest Geuze & Gorgels podcast. Monica states that she regrets all 18 tattoos and would prefer to have them all removed. A few months ago, Monica Geuze started removing two tattoos at Undo Tattoo Removal. The result? They are both almost completely gone! This concerns the tattoo on her neck and the tattoo on her finger, only a few more treatments and the tattoos have been completely removed. You can read exactly what it says here!

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Why does Monica Geuze have her tattoos removed?

Monica has the “JOY” tattoo on her neck removed at Undo, among other things, because she is no longer happy with it. She calls this an “impulsive action”. During her trip to Japan with Kay Nambiar, she spontaneously had this tattoo done. When she returned to the hotel, she immediately regretted it. Monica currently covers this tattoo with her hair as much as possible. Hiding tattoos is common, we often hear this in the clinic. Is this also recognizable to you?

Tattoo together with ex

In addition to the “JOY” tattoo from Japan, Monica has another tattoo that she has removed by us. During her relationship with Lars Veldwijk, they had a tattoo done together. Both had “1/2” tattooed at the time, because together they were “1”. Unfortunately, the relationship is now over and Monica has chosen to laser away this tattoo as well. We will soon share the result on our Instagram page, so keep an eye on this!

How does tattoo removal actually work and what steps do you take?

Do you also regret a tattoo, but are you still nervous about removing it? Then it is always good to be informed about the process first.

During a laser treatment we pulverize the large ink particles in the skin, allowing the lymphatic system to clear these ink particles. This process takes an average of 8-12 weeks, so the interval between treatments is also 8-12 weeks. Each treatment fades the tattoo until it is no longer visible. In Monica Geuze’s vlog you can see how her first treatment with us went.

Are you curious about the frequently asked questions about laser tattoo removal?

That is the first step towards laser tattoo removal!

If you want to have a tattoo removed, it is very important to be well informed. Removing a tattoo without scars is certainly possible, but not every clinic can do this. The right equipment in combination with years of experience is required, so be well informed about the laser, the practitioners and the possibilities during a free intake interview.