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11.09.22 - PERS

Top 10 reasons for tattoo removal at Undo

There are many reasons why clients remove a tattoo at Undo. Many of our clients feel that they are the only ones who have made this "mistake" or regret their tattoo, but at Undo we see that the reasons why clients remove a tattoo are often similar. In this blog post we tell you the top 10 reasons why clients choose tattoo removal at Undo.

1. Does not match expectations

A common reason that clients remove a tattoo is because it was simply not done as expected. A miscommunication with the tattoo artist or a different expectation can cause the tattoo to turn out differently. Initially, people try to get used to the tattoo, but our experience shows that if someone is not happy with the tattoo immediately after getting it, this will generally not be the case in the future. Many of our clients give feedback that they should have started removing the tattoo immediately after getting it (when they actually already knew that they did not like the tattoo). In most cases, clients continue to wait for a number of years, but ultimately cannot get used to it.

2. A broken relationship

Many of our clients get a tattoo out of love for their (ex) partner. People are often ashamed of this and we often experience someone calling themselves stupid or stupid. At Undo we have a different view on this. We see the fact that a tattoo was made for an ex-partner as a sign that they believed in love. We think that’s beautiful, but we can also imagine that a tattoo in the form of the name of an ex-partner, for example, may not always be useful in the future. That is why we are happy to help you get rid of your ex-partner’s tattoo. The combination of our pico laser, the PicoWay and the expertise of our BIG-registered skin therapists, ensures that we can remove the tattoo quickly, safely and beautifully. After a number of treatments, nothing can be seen of the ex-lover anymore.

3. A bad decision at a young age

Most of the tattoos we remove were done before the age of 25. Our experience is in line with what scientific research has repeatedly shown, namely that people only reach cognitive maturity after the age of 26 and are able to make well-considered decisions. Many of the tattoos that we remove are done at school, on party holidays, on an adventurous tour or during a difficult period. As time goes by, many of these clients reach another point in their lives where the tattoo no longer fits. This group of people then look for ways to remove the tattoo, for example at Undo using the PicoWay laser.

4. A career

Removing a tattoo because of a job often occurs with tattoos that are visible with clothing on, such as on the face, neck, forearms, hands or ankles. Unfortunately, there are still companies where a tattoo is not seen as representative and people still have a prejudice against tattoos. We are happy to help you remove your tattoo so you can realize that dream job. In many cases we hear from our clients that it helps during a job interview if they indicate that they have already started tattoo removal.

5. Parenting

When people have children and enter a new phase of life, some people feel that a tattoo no longer fits this new phase. People also feel that a tattoo does not fit with parenthood or they want to protect their children from also having a tattoo.

6. Change the design of the tattoo

Just like fashion, the trend of tattoos can also change. Chinese characters, tribals and dolphins used to be popular tattoos. Nowadays, most people are no longer happy with a tribal on their lower back and have this tattoo removed.

7. Getting married

Getting married can sometimes be a reason to remove a tattoo. In some cases the tattoo does not match the dream dress (or suit) and this is a reason to remove the tattoo.

8. To make space

In many cases we also remove a tattoo to make room for a new tattoo. In some cases we only fade the tattoo so that a cover-up can be applied over it. Sometimes we remove it completely so that a completely new design can be installed.

9. The tattoo is no longer beautiful

Even without laser treatment, a tattoo will fade. As a result, a tattoo that was beautiful, sleek and clear in the beginning can become faded, faded and less sleek over the years. This is a common reason why our clients remove their tattoo at Undo.

10. In the wrong location

Sometimes the tattoo itself is actually completely to your liking, but it is in the wrong place. We often see this on the arms. In some cases, clients even place the same tattoo again in a different location!

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