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What is a tattoo?

What is a tattoo?

When getting a tattoo, ink is brought into the skin, into the dermis. Our bodies are frightened of this unknown substance, but because of the large size of the ink particles, it is not possible for the body to remove them.

Figure 1: Tattoos are applied by inserting a tattoo needle with ink through the dermis.

Figure 2: Illustration of a tattoo

Figure 3: Illustration of the ink dots under the skin

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Ink particles that are made smaller

Visualisation of ink particles that are pulverised by the PicoWay

During the tattoo removal with the PicoWay laser, the laser beams are absorbed by the large ink particles of a tattoo, this causes the large ink particles to break up into smaller ink particles. The ink particles are then so small that they can be removed by the body.

Disposal of the ink particles

The lymphatic system drains the ink particles

Lymphatic system
Ink does not disappear, but must be removed by the lymphatic system.

Treatment interval
The body needs an average of 8 weeks to remove ink particles.

Result of 1 treatment
Result of 1 treatment is only visible after at least 8 weeks.

Figure 4: The lymphatic system

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Number of treatments

Figure 5: Different factors play a role in the number of treatments needed.

How many treatments do I need?

How many treatments are needed to remove a tattoo can unfortunately not be predicted prior to the process. The speed with which a tattoo can be removed depends on many different factors:

Colour of the tattoo

Depth of the tattoo

Amount of ink

Ink quality

The individual lymphatic system

Skin type

Scar tissue

Location of the tattoo


Age of the tattoo


When do I see visible results?

Tattoos with little ink
After 1 treatment, a difference can already be seen in light and/or thin tattoos with a light skin type.

Tattoos with a lot of ink
However, when a tattoo is put with a lot of ink, such as tribals, it may be that after the first 2 or 3 treatments there is still no visually visible result.

Figure 6: Visible result depends on the amount of ink. With thick tattoos there can sometimes be visible results only after 2 to 3 treatments.

Figure 7: Amount of ink

Figure 8: Skin type

Figure 9: Colour of the tattoo

Influence of the various factors on the number of treatments

Colour of the tattoo
The PicoWay is able to remove all colours, but it will go faster with one colour than with the other. Dark colours and reds are generally easy to remove. Bright colours such as neon green, light blue and bright yellow require on average more treatments.

Depth of the tattoo
The deeper a tattoo is, the more treatments will be needed. If it concerns a shallow tattoo, it will be easier to remove.

Amount of ink
The quantity is very decisive for the number of treatments. The more ink used during tattooing, the more treatments will be needed for tattoo removal.

Quality of the ink
There are many different ink types on the market. Each ink type has its own composition and reacts differently to the laser treatment.

The individual lymphatic system
The ink particles that are pulverized during laser treatment should be removed by the lymphatic system in the weeks following the treatment. This process works faster in some cases than in others.

Skin type
The lighter the skin, the easier it is to remove a tattoo. The more pigment the skin contains, the more treatments will be needed to remove a tattoo nicely and without scars. This is due to the minimal presence of pigment in white skin, while it is strongly present in dark skin.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are a number of other factors that influence the speed with which a tattoo can be removed. These are: the presence of scar tissue, location of the tattoo, age of the tattoo and health.

On average, PicoWay 5-9 treatments are needed to remove a black tattoo on light to slightly tinted skin. We would like to strongly emphasize that this number is only an average.


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Before and After

Figure 10: Example course of the fading of a tattoo.

Figure 11: From left to right: 4 treatments (skin type 2), 8 treatments (skin type 5), 8 treatments (skin type 6)



Before and After

These results are all from Undo | Tattoo Removal.



Our method

Figure 12: Frosting, also called laser snow, occurs immediately after treatment. Because of this the tattoo may seem (partly) gone for a while, but the ink color will come back within 10 minutes.



Use a cream
Apply well with a skin restorative ointment, preferably Eucerin Aquaphor

Cool when you come home with ice packs, especially for larger areas. Always wrap a cool pack in a towel!

Avoid heat in the first 2 days. This means: don’t shower too hot, don’t sunbathe and/or don’t exercise too intensively.

After-check + Photo
One day after returning home we would like to receive a control photo.

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